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ELF 2.0 Targeted Funding Allocations
January 1 – May 31, 2014

Alameda County Library 3,200
Alhambra Civic CenterLibrary 1,482
Anaheim Public Library 4,263
Azusa CityLibrary 2,098
Beaumont Library District 4,000
Buena Park Library District 6,662
Butte County Library 2,703
Coalinga-Huron Library District 4,119
Contra Costa County Library 8,879
Covina Public Library 4,685
El Dorado County Library 6,065
Folsom Public Library 2,440
Fresno County Public Library 4,643
Hayward Public Library 3,695
Kern County Library 6,393
Lake County Library 5,640
Long Beach Public Library 8,009
County of Los Angeles Public Library 10,000
Mendocino County Library 9,698
Monterey County Free Libraries 5,881
Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library 4,475
Moorpark City Library 3,347
Napa County Library 950
Nevada County Library 1,843
Oceanside Public Library 4,277
Orange County Public Libraries 2,500
Orland Free Library 2,076
Palo Verde Valley District Library 1,990
Porterville City Library 4,000
Redwood City Public Library 1,194
Sacramento Public Library 4,000
San Diego County Library 3,476
San Francisco Public Library 7,800
San Jose Public Library 7,590
San Luis Obispo County Library 6,700
San Mateo Public Library 3,491
Santa Ana Pubic Library 4,983
Santa Barbara Public Library 5,389
Santa Clara County Library District 6,662
Santa Clarita Public Library 2,321
Santa Fe Springs City Library 2,043
Santa Maria Public Library 1,651
Sierra Madre Public Library 4,000
Solano County Library 8,706
South San Francisco Public Library 4,604
Stanislaus County Library 4,651
Sunnyvale Public Library 3,150
Tehama County Library 2,029
Torrance Public Library 4,000
Willows Public Library 2,020
Woodland Public Library 3,500
Yolo County Library 6,000