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Kids and their parents at the library Parents playing peek-a-boo A parent reading a book with a child Kid playing at the library

Bay Area Regional ELF 2.0 Meeting,
San José Public Library

March 5, 2014

ELF 2.0 Agenda

9:00AM Registration and coffee
9:30AM Welcome – Jill Bourne, Library Director, San José Public Library
9:35AM Introductions – Everyone
9:55AM Housekeeping – parking, cell phones, agenda
Beautiful OOPS!
10:00AM ELF Overview & Goals – Suzanne Flint
10:15AM The Raising of America
10:30AM What is Early Learning? – Suzanne Flint
10:45AM Break
Developing through Play – Suzanne Flint
Record & Report Out
11:40AM Innovations & Inspirations
a. Idea Box, Patrick Remer
b. Collections by Theme, Debbie Centi
c. Play Dates, Christy Estrovitz
d. Early Learning Activity Kits, Carolyn Brooks
12:40PM Lunch
Share Early Learning Ideas with Colleagues
Report Out
1:45PM San José State University – J. R. Bodart, E. Wren-Estes
Child Development Course
2:00PM Break
2:10PM New Media & Young Children Discussion – J. R. Bodart, E. Wren-Estes
Child Development Course
3:10PM Closing
3:20PM Evaluation