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Targeted Funding Allocations – 2014

A targeted funding opportunity was made available in late 2013 as part of the State Library's Early Learning with Families (ELF) 2.0 initiative. This opportunity was intended to help library jurisdictions acquire needed staff training, equipment and/or materials to help them initiate, enhance or expand services for young children, their families and caregivers.

Allocations of up to $10,000 per library jurisdiction were awarded to provide for 3 types of approved early learning related expenses from selected vendors. Guidelines were established to help determine how these allocations would be awarded and how they could be used.

Based on these guidelines, fifty-two library jurisdictions received allocations totaling $227,000 — an average grant of approximately $5,000 per library. The recipient libraries acquired everything from additional staff training to much needed supplies and materials — including puppets, puzzles, music makers and art supplies — with results in services and programs that touched the lives of over 45,000 children and families in just six months!